n.  /ˌintərˌteksCHo͞oˈalitē/ The relationship between two texts, or references in one text to another

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n.  /ˈbro͞ohäˌhä/ A fuss or uproar; a noisy and overexcited reaction

v.  /ˈblaT͟Hər/ To talk on and on of unimportant things; to talk in a nonsensical manner

n. /kəˈlōkwēəˌlizəm/ A word or phrase that is not formal. Comparable to slang, jargon and sometimes euphemism.

  • "Many writers have been extraordinarily awkward in daily exchange, but the greatest give the impression that their style was nursed by the closest attention to colloquial speech.” - Thornton Wilder
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v. /kah-meh-lar/ To love, to want, and to need in the Gypsy language.

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n. /doo-pull-ya/ Croatian for a tree hollow.

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n. /ˈmiskrēənt/ A lawbreaker, or someone who is not restrained by moral principles.

adj. /särˈdänik/ Scornful and mocking.

n. /məˈlizmə/ A group of notes sung to one syllable of text; melodic embellishment. 

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    adj. /ˈpel ˈmel/ Disorganized, recklessly hasty.

    • Let us to it pellmell. If not to Heaven, then hand in hand to Hell." - Shakespeare